Davenport Manor


Family Secrets (Book 1)

*ADULT CONTENT - Please purchase the YA Edition if under 18* The series takes place in the fictional small town of Davenport, IL on the sprawling property of the founding family’s 200-year old Manor. Emma Davenport is over 200 years old and has remained with her family through the generations, who have accepted her for what she is. Her sixth-great nephew, Daniel Davenport, lives with her on the property as her “younger brother”, who she gained guardianship of when his parents and sister were tragically killed. He is a young Hollywood actor that is the star of a blockbuster movie franchise.

When the current installment of the movie franchise is filmed on the Davenport property, Emma is completely taken by a human actor that she has adored from afar for years, Todd Foster. Their relationship blossoms, but not without turmoil; mostly stemming from her immortal offspring and partner-in-crime, Zachariah Dancy and her maker, the ancient Scottish/Irish vampire, Aidan O’Shea. The ghosts (literally) of Emma’s past begin to harass Todd, wanting her to fess up for her wrong-doings.

Emma learns that there’s a reason for her immense attraction to Todd, one that surprises the both of them. With this revelation, Todd’s life is forever changed and will always be in danger, as will Emma’s if she keeps him around. Todd learns that there is more to Emma than just being an average vampire and wonders what kind of future he will face now that she has become a part of his life.


The Living Weapon (Book 2)

***Adult Content! - Please choose the Young Adult Edition for the clean copy)*** Since Todd Foster had no choice but to make the famous Davenport Manor his permanent home, life has been pretty good for the past year considering the strange circumstances. But, when he vanishes into thin air while at the premiere of the 'Ticking Through Time' film, Emma Davenport and her entourage try to make sense of his disappearance. While they convince themselves that Todd has left on his own free will, Emma cannot shake the feeling that something more sinister has happened to him.

After Todd doesn’t show up for a table reading for a new film he is in, the Davenport Manor vampires can no longer wait and see if he returns to their home. The vampire Kings and Queens from each continent come to Chicago to learn about what is going on with the North American Queen. However, when a royal vampire surprisingly drops dead, they know that someone, perhaps one of their own, is out to get them. An unlikely source joins in the effort to rescue Todd and they hope it doesn’t become a search and recovery.

How do they go about finding Todd, who is the world’s most deadly weapon to vampires, and uncover who is trying to kill the vampire royalty?


Revolutions (Book 3)

**ADULT CONTENT!! Please choose the Young Adult edition for the clean version**

Big changes are coming for the residents of Davenport Manor, both human and vampire. With Daniel Davenport’s life hanging in the balance, Emma Davenport must honor her nephew’s wishes that are stated in his living will. There was a reason why her maker, Aidan O’Shea told her not to love humans so much; now she pays the consequence of her love with pain. The only way she can truly get through it is with the help of her offspring and second-in-command, Zachariah.

As if Todd Foster’s life hadn’t been flipped upside-down in the past year, now even more changes are about to happen. Even though he has a new love interest (with a pulse) by his side, he finds it hard to put out the flame that has Emma’s name written on it. He finds it hard to move on when his heart is constantly drawing him to his immortal love.

Life-changing decisions are made and lives are permanently altered at the Manor.