My Return to Coopersville

I'm in love with Coopersville, Michigan. It's no secret that I love small towns, but this is one that has captured my heart. The amount of history that fills this town keeps drawing me back as it dates back into the mid-1800s. I'm a history junkie, so of course this is my cup of tea. The Coopersville Area Historical Society Museum is not only packed full of fascinating artifacts, but the building itself is a historical landmark! The people are so friendly in Coopersville, and I made several new friends in town today, including the curators of the museum, Jim and Lill. They devoted time to me today that I will never forget and am incredibly grateful!

Lill filled me in on just about every question I had about Del Shannon and I even got to meet a fun lady (and her adorable dog!) who graduated high school with him. After we had lunch together, she took me on a tour around the town to teach me about the history. Of course, we had to include some Del history as well - so, she took me by his childhood home, his first job, his high school, the location where he met his wife, Shirley, and so much more! AND we trekked around the town cemetery where there are soldiers buried, not only from the Civil War, but the Spanish-American War as well! I was fascinated!

The greatest moment though, was when I spotted My Soul Was Once Yours in the Del Shannon exhibit room. My heart did a flip flop when I saw it - I still can't wrap my head around the fact that my little book is among my musical idol's memorabilia. Wow. I donated some paperbacks to the museum to sell, so if you're in Michigan, or ever visiting Michigan, you absolutely must stop by Coopersville - I promise it's worth it! Stop by the museum, pick up a paperback, say hi to Jim and Lill who can answer all of your questions, and step back in time and soak in the history!

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