Spent the day in Geneva, IL

Here’s a little fact about me: I love small, historical towns. LOVE THEM! I am especially in love with one that is near my home that I visit quite frequently. Geneva, IL is full of character, whimsical shops and boutiques that are nestled inside old, historical homes from the original residents. I love the town so much that an entire chapter of Revolutions takes place there (chapter 6 to be exact) and mentions some of my favorite shops to visit while I am there. The All Chocolate Kitchen, The Little Traveler, and Grahams just to name a few. We spent the morning in Geneva today and enjoy the beautiful, crisp weather by walking around the town. Of course, I had to bring along a copy of Revolutions and snap of pictures of it with some of the places named in it! The tree inside of the All Chocolate Kitchen is made entirely of chocolate, which is mentioned in the book!

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