The first fan letter

A few weeks ago my coworker had checked out all three of the Davenport Manor books from our school library during a long weekend. Instead of her getting to read them, it was her 13-year-old nephew that went nuts over them (the young adult editions, of course)! When she told me about him I decided to sent him signed copies for him to keep. In turn, I received my first fan letter from this young man, which has completely captivated my heart. It reads:

"Dear Melissa Zaroski,

Thank you for giving me some books to have. I really enjoy reading the books a lot. Book 2 was so far my favorite out of the books I have read. Keep up the good work on writing books because you're talented and don't give up on writing your stories."


You have no idea how much I needed to hear that. I think that every writer/musician/actor/artist has moments where they just want to throw in the towel and give up (I'm one of them) for various reasons. I have had MANY of those moments. So, I decided to hang Pedro's letter front and center in my writer's nook (nestled between Gerard Butler, Ian Somerhalder, and Tom Wisdom, of course). It's the words of a 13-year-old boy that will keep me going when I think my finished manuscripts suck. When I want to close my laptop and never write again. When I beat myself down for being the worst writer on earth (then I remember that 50 Shades of Grey actually got published, so I can't be all that bad!).

To all of my fellow creatives out there - dream big! And take young Pedro's words to heart and "Don't give up"!

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