The end of 2016

I have seen people posting on Facebook how they can't wait for 2016 to be over. Bring on 2017! Isn't that the kind of stuff we say at the end of every year? I'm guilty of it and I know I said it repeatedly last year as 2015 was a bit awful. However, how can an entire year be bad? How can our lives be bad for 365 days? As I look back on 2015, I realized that yes, there were some pretty bad times, but there were some pretty great times too.

For me, 2016 was undoubtedly one of the best years of my life. It started out with a bang and continued to cruise through with positivity and excitement. I'm still wondering how the year went by so fast!

The year began with me sitting down to write My Soul Was Once Yours, which was my favorite book I have written. I enjoyed every moment of it! So far, that one has been the most successful out of all them, which makes my heart happy. It was immediately followed by The Hop, which was a blast to write as well!

Due to my love of old rock n' roll and Del Shannon in particular, I have met the most amazing group of people. All ages, different backgrounds, and some in different countries! These people have captured my heart and I am so thankful I have gotten to know them and meet many of them in Coopersville.

Speaking of Coopersville, I think I lost count of how many times I drove up there this year! I have tapered off since it has gotten cold out, but I can guarantee that by next spring I'll be making my monthly road trips up there once again.

Then, there's my Aussie. My twin. My brother from another mother. I can't imagine life without him now. Meeting him was easily the best part of 2016 - and because of him I got to meet even more amazing people and experience more adventures than I could have hoped for. Thank you, Sweets.

I traveled to Australia twice and to Dallas for a book signing event (travels were slow this year, but I predict I'll have wanderlust next year!). I took road trips and spent time with my husband and kids whenever we could. My mom came to visit (and is on her way back as I type this). It was quite simply a great year.

There were highs and lows this year, but the highs easily cancel out any of the lows I had. 2016 was fantastic and I have to say I'm kinda of sad to see it end. But, on the same token, I can't wait to see what 2017 holds in store!

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