My heart lies in Adelaide, South Australia

The past 20 months have been a whirlwind of amazing experiences, mostly due to one of my best friends who lives in Australia. I met him two years ago because we were both Del Shannon fans and the same age, but little did I know that this random guy who messaged me on Facebook would become one of the most important people in my life, like a brother to me, and be credited with making Adelaide my second home. No need for names, he knows who he is. *And lucky for him I had my guard down that day because I never become close pals with random dudes online. Just sayin'.*

I just got back from visiting Adelaide for the fifth time since October, 2016. Madness! I'm averaging every four months of hopping onto six flights and a total of forty-two flying hours JUST to visit my bestie and all of the dear friends I have made there for a weekend trip. And every time we have more laughs than I'd have in an entire year (the kind of laughing where you can't breathe, are wheezing like an old man, and have tears running down your face - the best kind)!

Obviously, my heart lies with the people who live in Adelaide (each and every one of you know who your are - I hold you all dear). I call all of them my Aussie Family, because they are. No blood ties needed.

However, the city and outlying areas itself are absolutely beautiful and I understand why the locals call it RADelaide! While it isn't usually the first choice city for folks to visit when they vacation in Australia, it is a gem of a city that has a lot to offer. My favorite areas are Glenelg and Victor Harbour, but there are so many other areas that I hold dear. Hahndorf and Gawler are darling towns with their own unique charm. And you can't go to Adelaide without a visit to the Barossa Valley, Gorge Wildlife Park, the world's tallest rocking horse, and the Whispering Wall (to name a few). Of course, one of my favorite things to do there is to hang out in my best friend's backyard, play with his dogs (oh those silly babies!), and have lots of laughs.

My heart lies in Adelaide and I leave a little piece of my soul behind there whenever I visit. And it never gets any easier when I leave - I cry every darn time!

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