The Domino Effect

My friend and I were on the phone the other night and amidst our light-hearted discussions of time travel and such, we touched on the topic of the domino effect. He and I have talked about collaborating and writing a book together; between his brilliant mind and my writing abilities, we'd surely come up with something incredible. We're both fascinated with time travel and going back in time to stop crimes and murders from happening, however I'm equally as interested in what happens after that. What happens when you completely change the course of history, no matter how big or small? It's the domino effect. What may seem like an insignificant event to you will eventually present itself as a major turning point sometimes, whether in your own life or someone else's. I won't divulge on the thoughts we had because...well...I don't want anyone stealing our ideas!! But we touched on tragic events throughout history that could be changed for the better...or could they?

For instance, it was a crisp, spring day back in April of 1999 and I had just gotten home from my new job (literally, it was my second day there). I had a message on the answering machine from a major airline that I had applied for months earlier that wanted to set up an interview with me. That interview was on a day I was scheduled to work at my new job and I would surely be fired if I missed a day so soon since I was in the probationary period. Was it a chance I was willing to take? Well, I can say I DID take that chance and I got the job at the airline AND met my future husband on my first day out of training. THAT'S a domino effect, my friends. Had I not been willing to take that little bit of a risk, my life as I know it would be nothing like it is now. I wouldn't have this beautiful man (inside and out) as my husband, I wouldn't have my children who are my universe, I wouldn't have this amazing life that I have been blessed with. All because of one little decision on an April afternoon.

Big decisions are obvious life-changers, but it's the little decisions that you don't realize can change the course of history for you and other people.

My friend and I talked about how one little dream I had one night changed my life (and his) entirely and brought some of the most special people into not only my life, but the lives of my entire family. I had a dream about Del Shannon one night - it was quick and nothing memorable. But, he was sitting across from me at an outdoor cafe of some sort. No words were spoken, and that was it. I thought it was weird that I dreamt of him even though I was a fan, so I googled him while I was at work the next morning. Lo and behold, it was the 26th anniversary of his death THAT DAY. I found a Facebook page dedicated to him and "liked" it. That same day the dream sparked the entire book idea for My Soul Was Once Yours. And two weeks after that I met my best friend because he was also a fan and messaged me on Facebook. Now, I can't imagine my life without him and all of the people I have met because of him in it. ONE DREAM changed my life. One google search. Taking a moment to "like" a page on Facebook. The smallest and what I thought were insignificant actions completely changed the path of my own history. The domino effect.

What small actions have caused your life to change? For better or worse? If you could go back and change something traumatic in your life, who is to say that it couldn't have made it worse along the line? Maybe not for you, but for someone else. Our lives are all a delicate dance on the dance floor of fate. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't go back and change a thing!

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