Accepting a compliment!

During the summer I have half-day Fridays at work. It is great because my husband keeps those days off and we spend the day doing fun stuff together! It is the perfect ending to a work week every time. Yesterday we took a mini road trip up to Milwaukee to check out the Bastille Day Festival. Now, let it be known that I am most certainly not a “festival” kind of gal. I hate them. I don’t like crowds or the same plethora of vendors that you see it almost every festival. I have seen enough tie-dye tank tops, friendship bracelets, Native American jewelry, and overpriced, cheaply-made sundresses to last a lifetime. However, I can honestly say I have never taken the time to walk around Milwaukee. I have been there one time before and it was a quick, in and out trip. I know this is blasphemy coming from Chicagoan, but I loved it there. I will admit it loud and proud, this FIB loves Wisconsin! I always have and enjoy going up there each and every time. Milwaukee was like a miniature Chicago and just as charming! So, as my husband and I were eating dinner at a restaurant in the city, I saw a couple crossing the street and heading toward the restaurant. They were absolutely stunning, the both of them. She was a gorgeous, young girl and her boyfriend was a handsome guy. It’s just one of those things you happen to notice! As my husband and I were leaving the restaurant, we passed their table. Let it be known that I am the kind of person that likes to pay people compliments whenever I can. You never know if somebody is needing a boost and your compliment might just brighten their day. I know it does for me whenever a stranger compliments me. So, I stopped to tell them what a beautiful couple they were. The guy was so gracious and thanked me. The girl, on the other hand, gave a fake smile and glared at me. OMG! Girl what?! My husband and I went about our way and we couldn’t believe her reaction! What the heck was that? I wondered if she thought I was trying to flirt with her man. Which would have been ridiculous because I was old enough to be their mother AND I was with my own dashing and gorgeous man! But then I thought of other scenarios that could have warranted such a reaction. Maybe they had broken up and he was trying to win her back (and my comment proved him right). Maybe he had been friendzoned and she didn’t want to hear that they were a gorgeous couple. Or maybe she was just a straight up arrogant bitch who heard compliments like that all the time. Who knows? It was weird. My point is, if someone compliments you, smile and say thank you. It’s quick, it’s easy, and let’s face it, it’s polite. This won’t stop me from complimenting people in the future because everyone deserves to have an ego boost every now and then. Everyone deserves to walk with their chin up a little higher. In most cases, a simple compliment will make the other person AND yourself feel good - it’s a win/win thing. So the next time you pass a stranger that strikes you as unique/beautiful/awesome, tell them! Some folks need to hear it!   

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