The colors of my moods

Colors are an incredibly powerful thing when it comes to altering your mood. I always knew this. Yellow makes you feel happy, orange gives you energy, etc. However, I must have missed the memo of what it says about the color red when I painted my bedroom walls eleven years ago. RED. Like blood red. I always thought red would bring feelings of passion, love, and romance. It's a fiery color that matches my personality! Alas, while red could induce those feelings, it most likely does just the opposite and it only took me a little more than a decade to figure this out.

My daughter and I were watching the new season of Queer Eye (yesssss, love them! My favorite is Tan and Jonathan). As they were redecorating someone's house, they mentioned that red walls cause anxiety, rage, and high blood pressure. WHAT?! My daughter and I just kind of looked at each other, then looked around our RED living room (yes, I had a love for the color red throughout the house). What rooms do I have the most panic attacks in? The bedroom and living room. What rooms do I have my huge temper flare-ups in? The bedroom and living room. What rooms am I completely on edge in? The bedroom and living room. What rooms am I in when my depression really settles in? The bedroom and living room. Oh my gosh.

My kitchen is where I am usually happiest (just take a look at my hips and thighs! HA!). And wouldn't you know it...that room is painted a sunny yellow accented with slate blue and apples. I'm truly in a good mood when I'm in my kitchen. I tried to remember the last time I actually felt relaxed in my bedroom. Like truly at ease. It has been a long long that I don't even remember. I'm constantly on edge and irritable. Depression has been kicking me down for months now and my anxiety is through the roof.

I spoke to my husband about wanting to repaint (and essentially redecorate) the bedroom and living room hoping that it might help with alleviating some of my icky moods. After about a week of checking out different colors, we settled on a sage green for the accent walls of both the bedroom and living room and a very pale yellowish-green for the surrounding walls. It was time to get to work and I spent the better part of a week painting, including when our air conditioner died on the Fourth of July and we were in a heat warning! I just took a cool shower whenever I felt overheated and got right back to work. I wanted it done as quickly as possible so I could see if it helped me at all.

We finished the bedroom and are just about done with the living room (we plan to get new sofas to match our decor). The living room looks like an entirely different house now - all green and white - it looks so bright and airy like a beachside cottage. LOVE IT. And the bedroom. Oh my gosh, what a difference. Going from a blood red bedroom to a sage green with less clutter on the walls has turned me into a different person (at least I think it has). I'm still quick to get angry - I'm working on it - but not raging angry. I enjoy relaxing, truly relaxing in my bedroom now. All it cost was a few gallons of paint and voila! I'm MUCH more chill. I mean, I'm still antisocial with a wall built ten feet high around me with a temper that can be lit like gasoline to a fire, but I'm chill doggonit!

So, it's true, my friends. The colors of your wall can indeed direct your mood in either a positive or negative direction. I'm happy with our choice of green for the two rooms (attached are some pics of our bedroom walls). Here's to calmer days ahead!

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