Countdown to Coopersville #3!

I can't believe it has been two years since I went to the Del Shannon Car Show in Coopersville for the first time! It was there that I met some of the most important people in my life today, including my best friend! Nothing will ever beat the first time that we went - the elated memories will stay with me for a lifetime. But, I look forward to making new memories this year. I actually hadn't planned on going this year - the Del Shannon tribute concert takes place on my son's 15th birthday, so we are letting him make the plans. However, the car show falls on the following day, so after Del's son texted me and said I needed to go...well, who am I to say no? LOL In fact, the first year we went we actually had our hearse entered in the car show. We had the back decorated in old time rock n' roll and was quite the hit for patrons! I took some time to volunteer at the museum to answer any Del-related questions as well!

The town of Coopersville holds a very special place in my heart because it is a place that I visited on numerous occasions prior to the car show in 2016. I would take road trips by myself up there for the day, spend some time with the historical museum curators (the sweetest couple ever), have lunch at the local pub, Champs, listen to oldies (Del Shannon in particular) on the drive up, and just go to my happy place. I love the small town vibe of it all. And the town came into the picture during a time in my life where I was sitting on cloud nine. I had just finished writing My Soul Was Once Yours, I had met people on Facebook who had the same musical taste as I did, and I was just happy, plain and simple.

Although, this will be the first year that I am going without my best friend there, which is the only downer. He lives in Australia and flew out here the past two years and the first time I went was his first time going as fact, it was the first time we met face-to-face! We knew that we were already going to be instantly connected, but meeting one another in person only made our bond stronger. It will be weird without him there - we always have our rooms next door to each other and play nonstop pranks back and forth. So it's a good thing we aren't staying overnight otherwise I'd feel a bit sad without him. Since we met each other in Coopersville two years ago, I began to travel to Australia every few months to visit him for weekend trips. He came back to visit Chicago last summer for a week (and I STILL wasn't able to fit in all of the things we wanted to do), then we traveled to New Orleans together, then I met up with him in LA and took him sight-seeing there before he went home.

All because we both loved the music of Del Shannon and that time era - we each gained a confidant in one another. I find that mind-blowing.

I'm so excited to see my friends once again this year! And I plan to volunteer to help out at the museum again if they need me! I'm just glad to go on a little day trip to surround myself with good music, gorgeous cars, and some of the most genuine people I have ever met!

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