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Melissa Zaroski has been writing stories since she was a child and completed her first unpublished novel at age fourteen. In 2009 she gained an opportunity to write celebrity columns for and has interviewed actors, Joe Manganiello, Tom Wisdom, and director, Axelle Carolyn as well as attending film premieres in both New York and LA. She is fascinated with the paranormal (even though it scares her to the point of sleeping with the light on) and loves to touch on many of the supernatural topics in her books. From vampires to ghosts, to time travel and past lives, Melissa's work mixes spooky with some romance and drama. 

She resides in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, kids, rescue cats, guinea pigs, and a big goldfish named, Mike. She has fostered countless homeless kittens until they are adopted, loves all music from the 50s and 60s, especially her beloved Del Shannon, and loves traveling to Adelaide, Australia a couple times a year to visit her friends! 


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