The Nostalgic Trilogy


Three nostalgic novellas under one cover!

The Beacon of Hollywoodland: Marion Winters is a young, successful actress in Hollywood. The year is 1940, during the rise of the entertainment industry. Marion has followed her dreams from rural Canistota, South Dakota and achieved her aspirations of becoming a movie star. She lives in a house that had one previous owner, Charles MacAvoy and his wife, Lenora, who were both successful actors of their time. However, after one of them violently dies, the house was still home to the restless spirit, who haunts Marion relentlessly. She finds herself becoming increasingly depressed and tries to end her life where it all began...the Hollywoodland sign.

My Soul Was Once Yours: What if a song you had never heard before triggered the memories of your past life? That's exactly what happened to eight-year-old Melanie Pattinson when she first heard 1960s rock star, Bobby Eastland sing. She begins to dream about Bobby's fiancé, Beverley Forrester who died tragically young in 1964. Melanie spends her entire life getting to know the rock star and his fiancé through her near-weekly detailed dreams about them and begins to wonder what the connection she has with them is. With the help of her best friend, Michelle, she begins to uncover the supernatural truth about the past and what it is she must find to achieve complete happiness in her current life.

The Hop: Best friends and roommates, Lanie and Kim share a love for oldies music. Their biggest disappointment in life is the fact that they were born too late to see their favorite rockers perform live. But, when Lanie acquires her whimsical grandmother's enchanted, hand-me-down hearse, their dreams come true when they are able to go back in time. Along with Lanie's disinterested younger brother, Stefan, the three take a journey through the decades to see historical performances by their favorite rockers of the fifties and sixties. On their trip through time they learn that every action they do in the past can cause a domino effect for the future. The lives of Lanie, Kim, and Stefan are permanently changed when they arrive back home and dreams have been fulfilled.